Your role is to provide a safe space for the student, immediate support and provide options so they can decide what action they wish to take. Your role is not to investigate, nor are you expected to be a counsellor.

Emergency Help

  • If they (or anyone else) are in immediate danger dial 999 for the emergency services or call 6666 for Security.
  • If there are any serious injuries, contact Security who can provide first aid or advice on calling an ambulance or take the student to A&E for medical treatment.
  • Do not report to police without the student’s consent.

Only in cases where there is an immediate and serious risk to the safety of others should the police be informed before discussing this with the student and obtaining their consent.

Create a safe space

  • Invite the student to a warm, quiet area where you will not be overheard or interrupted.
  • Reassure the student that they are safe and provide them with privacy, water etc.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to support them. What’s important is that you listen without judgement and let the student know that they are taken seriously and that there is support available.

Inform Others

  • If you are alone with a student who is distressed and possibly feeling vulnerable, it is best to inform someone else (a staff member) what you are doing.
  • Check if the student is happy to talk to you or would prefer to talk to someone else.
  • If you are at all unhappy about dealing with the incident, remain with the student until alternative support can be found.

Check in with the student

  • If the student is accompanied, check that this person’s presence is welcomed and if not, tactfully explain that you think it best they leave to allow the student time to regain some privacy.
  • If the student is not accompanied, check whether they would like a friend to be contacted for support.

Alternative accommodation

Halls staff only

  • You should check whether the student needs to be found alternative accommodation for their immediate safety or to alleviate shock and trauma.
  • If alternative accommodation is required during office hours, please contact your Halls Manager.
  • Out of hours please contact Security who will contact the relevant duty manager.

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