If you think you or someone you know has experienced a hate incident there are a variety of reporting and support options available.

Reporting hate incidents

Speaking up can be difficult, but reporting makes a difference. It can help prevent it happening to other people and improve how services respond.

Anybody can report a hate crime—whether they are the victim, someone who witnessed the crime, or someone the victim has told about the crime or incident.

  • If it’s an emergency, contact the police or LSBU Security
  • You can inform LSBU of the incident through the Report and Support System
  • You can inform the police of the incident.

LSBU help and advice

LSBU will support any student that experiences a hate incident, whether they have witnessed such incidents or been a victim of them.

Report and Support. This site offers you a point of contact to access support in relation to hate incidents or report incidents that have taken place at LSBU. By using the reporting system you are letting us know that something has happened to you, and you want to access advice and guidance on what to do next.

Student Wellbeing Team. The Student Wellbeing Team offer a confidential support and advice to any student who believes what they have experienced is impacting their studies and they wish to seek help.

Making a formal complaint.

You can make a formal complaint if another student or member of staff at LSBU was involved. LSBU’s response to hate incidents will be managed through existing procedures including:

  • Students’ Complaints Procedure
  • Student Disciplinary Procedure
  • Speak Up Policy
  • Student Halls of Residence Complaints Procedure
  • Staff Dignity at Work procedures

If a police investigation or criminal proceedings are taking place LSBU will not normally carry out its own investigation until the criminal process is complete. This is because there is a high risk that a LSBU investigation could compromise any police investigation or criminal proceedings.

Hate crime guide for students (PDF)


There are two ways you can tell us what happened